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CollinStar is an asset management
company with full-set, specializing
in blockchain infrastructure, digital currency investment
and relevant consulting services.

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    About Us

    Why Choose Us

    Our team is young and energetic, with strong experience in financial services and corporate management required for success. We strive to offer the best service to all of our clients within the framework of a responsible approach to investment.

    Collinstar's strong access to financial opportunities within Australia and the South Pacific region is supported by the international and local connections we have fostered, over a number of years, as a result of our track record of successful outcomes.

    A high level of professionalism is a key feature of our team strategy, and this is achieved by our ability to build an experienced and expert team for each project. The ultimate responsibility for each project we engage in is focused on the welfare of our client.

    Not only do we have strong ties to our local and regional community, but our portfolio actions are underpinned by a socially and environmentally sound awareness that is unusual for a successful financial services entity. 

    Value creation is at the core of our existence. We invest in assets, work to make them better and seek to sell them for a profit. Collinstar uses its global network, deep industry knowledge and portfolio intelligence to create and execute a customized value creation plan for each of our corporate private equity and real asset investments.

    Collinstar also pays attention to the technology development in finance industry. We dare to apply new Fintech to the way of our working. During 2015-2016, Managing Director of Collinstar Capital Ryan Xu is proudly voted as Top 1 Opinion Leader in Blockchian Fintech.

    Collinstar Strengths

    • Highest Ethical and Business Standards: Maintaining Collinstar’s good name and the good name of our partners is paramount.

    • Global Vision and Local Insight: Collinstar is a global alternative asset manager with a range of funds investing across four segments spanning seven geographical areas run by local investment professionals.

    • Teamwork: Collinstar investment professionals from around the world collabo­rate on deal sourcing and due diligence and share industry expertise.

    • Focus on industries with potential and high yield, always dare to exploit the most profitable industry and bring the reward to our investors.

    • Outstanding: Collinstar Capital is proudly awarded to be Australian Financial Services Representative, AFS Representative number 001233562

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    About Us

    Our Mission

    We are committed to operate with the highest integrity, employing a diverse range of high achieving individuals in a team orientated work environment to create investment opportunities enabling individual and corporate growth, worthwhile job creation and long term financial security for clients and partners alike.

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    About Us

    Our vision

    At Collinstar Capital we aim to provide high quality financial services to corporate clients, high net worth individuals and individual investors. We work hard to achieve this by maintaining a long term, mutually profitable relationships with all of our clients. 

    In the shorter term, we provide individualised, impartial and timely general advice to clients based on current market conditions. In doing so, we adopt a flexible and results based view to take advantage of the continually changing financial environment we are all exposed to.

    Collinstar is also committed to supporting our local community in a socially responsible manner. This is essential to maintain a grounded perspective on the impact of our advice to our clients and their subsequent financial decision making.

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    About Us

    Our value

    At Collinstar Capital, we have a strong sense of corporate social responsibility, and engage in active compliance with the spirit of the law, ethical standards and international norms. We aim to encourage a positive impact on the environment and stakeholders including consumers, employees, investors, communities, and others.

    Furthermore , Collinstar Capital is always supporting the financial technology development to change the world, we all are the beneficiaries of technology development, and we believe we can make a contribution to fintech to make the world better.

Our Services

  • What We Provide

  • Asset Management

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    Our Services

    Asset Management

    We currently operate five main categories of funds:

    Blockchain Infrastructure(Fintech) Fund

    We believe Fintech can lead us to a better world. Blockchain technology has been an hot topic and intensely chased by Wall Street. 《Economist》put Blockchian into its cover and claimed that Blockchian is the “Trust Machine” which will change the world. We did not want to fall behind and took the chance when we are ready to involve this new fintech. We not only have the best project managers of blockchain infrastructure, the most effective cost control and operation. Generous and stable cash flow rewards encourage us to go further to lead this industry.

    Property Funds

    We insist in investing projects that we are highly involved in. We are fully aware and in control of the quality of and return on the properties, since we are a co-owner of the company we invest in. Due to the prosperity of tourism in Australia, serviced apartments have become our main investment in the portfolio. The return on serviced apartments is more stable since we are able to receive a return on both selling the apartments and in continuous service fees. At the same time, our cash flow is more liquid.

    Secondary Market Equity Funds

    We trade on both the Australian and international secondary markets. Domestically, we trade on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). Internationally, we trade on both the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEx). We actively oversee the stock market to find undervalued stocks and deliver an attractive return in the long term.

    Derivatives Funds

    We construct a structured portfolio combining equities with ETO's (Exchange Traded Options). In addition, we also use moderate leverage by using CFD's (contract for difference) to target an expected high return and utilize hedging strategies to mitigate risks.

    Private Equity Funds

    We help our clients seek investment opportunities in a range of industries including healthcare, telecommunication, financial services etc.

  • Corporate Advisory

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    Our Services

    Corporate Advisory

    ASX Listings - Of the approximately 1.5 million companies registered in Australia, over 2,100 of these are listed and traded on Australia's national stock exchange.  Collinstar can provide services including equity issuing and generation of company prospectus. To fulfill the ASX listing requirements, your company needs to meet the following criteria:


    Mergers & Acquisitions, including acquisition funding and company research reporting, are part of the services we provide. To facilitate this process, and avoid lengthy procedural delays, we favour reverse takeovers. 

    A reverse takeover or reverse merger takeover (reverse IPO) is the acquisition of a public company by a private company so that the private company can bypass the lengthy and complex process of going public. The transaction typically requires reorganization of capitalization of the acquiring company.

  • Research

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    Our Services


    Our expertise, strong links to research partners and consideration of technological and social dimensions enables us to find solutions to critical problems impacting communities and the environment. 

    Our Global Investment Research division provides original, fundamental insights and analysis for clients in the equity, fixed income, currency and commodities markets.

    Covering areas such as economics, portfolio strategy, derivatives and equity and credit securities around the world, our research reports help investors better understand the issues and trends that affect companies, industries and markets. 

    We have dedicated teams covering a wide range of markets, economies and issues:

    • Equity Research has industry and sector teams that analyze stock markets worldwide to identify investment opportunities.

    • Macro Research analysts analyze a wide range of securities, markets and economies. Economic Research analysts provide macroeconomic, foreign exchange rate and interest rate forecasts. Strategy Research analysts provide market views, forecasts and recommendations covering areas such as asset allocation and investment strategies, and Commodities Research analysts forecast commodity prices.

    • Credit Research analysts assess corporate debt and cover specific industry sectors to identify and communicate investment opportunities.

    • The Global Markets Institute provides research and high-level advisory services to policymakers, regulators and investors.

    Collinstar executives share their views and expertise on a range of investment, public policy and economic matters through op-eds, policy papers, TV interviews, speeches and presentations.

  • Private Wealth Management

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    Our Services

    Private Wealth Management

    We work closely with high-net-worth individuals and families to help them develop their investment strategies and achieve expected growth on their wealth. Our presence in the Asian Pacific region enables our clients to get access to various financial markets and investment opportunities. Our highly professional financial advisors will listen to your needs and guide you along the way of success further and further. 

Our Projects


Our clients are discerning, and seek high-quality and versatile investment solutions;
we provide an array of strategies to meet their diverse objectives.
Whether you want to take an active lead or free-up your time by delegating
day-to-day investment decisions, we are committed to your financial success. Every
service we offer is designed to meet your needs.

  • Research


    Define a range of appropriate investment strategies Investment strategists leverage these research insights and scenarios to identify and assess key market risks, favorable investment opportunities, and risk and return expectations.

  • Scenarios


    Define a range of appropriate investment strategies Investment strategists leverage these research insights and scenarios to identify and assess key market risks, favorable investment opportunities, and risk and return expectations.

  • Strategies


    Define a range of appropriate investment strategies Investment strategists leverage these research insights and scenarios to identify and assess key market risks, favorable investment opportunities, and risk and return expectations.

  • Review


    Define a range of appropriate investment strategies Investment strategists leverage these research insights and scenarios to identify and assess key market risks, favorable investment opportunities, and risk and return expectations.

Contact Us


We place our first priority on meeting clients’ demand and achieving high returns. If you are seeking investment opportunities in the field of Fintech, please feel free to contact us.


We strive for excellence in all we do, and this begins with our employees. If you are interested in working with us, then please send your CV to us for immediate attention.


9/50 Queen St Melbourne VIC 3000


03 9620 4770




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